Survivor Turf Type Fescue

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  • Dense, fine leaf texture
  • Bright, dark green color
  • High endophyte level for pest resistance
  • Excellent heat and drought tolerance
  • Uses: Golf course roughs, athletic fields, parks, sod production and industrial turf


  • Low maintenance
  • Wear tolerance
  • Mows easily; can tolerate more frequent cutting at lower heights
  • Superior turf performance under adverse conditions
  • Excellent shade tolerance
  • Low growing, requires minimal fertilization

Seeding Rates

  • Seeds/lb: 220,000
  • New turf: 8–10 lbs/1,000 sq ft / 350–400 lbs/acre
  • Overseed rate: 6–8 lbs/1,000 sq ft / 250–350 lbs/acre


  • Germination: 7–10 days under ideal conditions
  • First mowing: 21–30 days
  • First limited use: 60–75 days

Survivor Turf Type Fescue

Survivor turf-type tall fescue blend is an excellent blend of turf-type tall fescues. The new turf-type tall fescues that make up the Survivor blend were developed to greatly improve on the appearance of the older tall fescues while retaining their ability to survive under heat and drought conditions, in poor soils, and under low maintenance.


Survivor has good resistance to turf diseases such as: Helminthosporium Net Blotch, Rhizoctonia Brown Patch and Crown Rust. Some varieties in Survivor contain endophyte giving it improved resistance to the following turf insects: white grub, sod webworms, billbugs, chinch bugs, armyworms, and aphids. The presence of the endophyte also contributes to improved stress tolerance with better Summer survival, enhanced fall recovery, and reduced weed invasion. It has also been shown to provide resistance to some nematodes.


The extremely long root system is the secret to Survivor’s drought tolerance. This means less frequent irrigation because the roots can reach as deep as six feet in the soil to absorb water.

Survivor has exhibited excellent wear tolerance and very good cold tolerance. It will perform best in a fertile, well drained loam soil, but can tolerate less than perfect conditions. Survivor will withstand soils that have a heavy clay content or are compacted. Tall fescues can withstand saturated soils longer than other turf species and tolerate a wide range of soil acidity and alkalinity (pH 4.7-8.5).

Tall Fescue Seedling Growth and Guide

8 days after planting

18 days after planting                                                         28 days after planting

34 days after planting                                                         65 days after planting