Since 1893, Johnston Seed has been planting "seeds" of success....

It was over 119 years ago when Willis B. Johnston began selling seeds, feed, and coal to the early day settlers. Little did W.B. know, it was the beginning of something special.  Today, the focus is specialty seeds, not sold just locally, but marketed on six different continents around the world.  Sure, Johnston Seed continues to sell seed of all the traditional crops like wheat, rye, corn, sorghum, and soybeans, but producing and marketing specialty seeds like proprietary bermudagrasses, buffalograss, wildflowers, native grasses, and wildlife seeds are now the focus of Johnston Seed which started during the days of the Land Run.  Riviera, Riata, Wrangler, Stampede, Cody, Bowie, Bison, and Cimarron are just a few of names which are synonymous with Johnston Seed Company.  Riviera is now the standard in turf performace for bermudagrasses.  Wrangler seeds grow in locations where bermudagrass was never considered before.  Buffalograss is now thought of as turf, not just an alternative grass.

Although we pride ourselves in offering these new exciting products, one thing has not changed in the last 119 years, and that is service.  W. B. instilled a work ethic and a desire to provide the best seed for his customers.  The management and employees of Johnston Seed have continued this tradition with great service and products and we want to be your “seed” for success.

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