Bulk Handling

W. B. Johnston Grain Company has been engaged in bulk handling and warehousing agricultural products since the late 1800's.  Recently, Johnston’s has expanded into handling and storing a wide range of commodities from energy products to metals. During this expansion, the terminal and port facilities have been upgraded with state of the art equipment to allow for the best operational efficiency.

Johnston’s has a strong history of implementing the most efficient business services to achieve operational efficiency and encourage commercial growth. We will assist and facilitate the planning of inbound materials by rail, truck or vessel to our high tech storage systems. From the storage systems, Johnston’s will provide services for the distribution of the outbound material from the terminal and port facilities. Our services ensure a high quality storage and handling operation that is clean, dry and resourceful. We utilize our facilities in the most optimal manor to provide the most seamless service.

Our current operations include two terminal facilities in Oklahoma with over 5 miles of rail and 365,000 tons of storage. We also operate five Port facilities in Oklahoma, Louisiana and West Virginia. Johnston’s constantly challenges themselves as a company that is always open to new opportunities. Customer service is our top priority, as we strive to provide our customers with solutions for their specific needs and develop an individualized plan to meet there operational and financial demands.

JEINC currently handles:

  • Grains: Wheat, Corn, Milo, Canola, Soybeans, Rye and Sesame
  • Agricultural Products: Fertilizers, Chemicals and Lime
  • Energy Products: Frac Sand, Crude Oil, Drilling Mud and Coal
  • Metals: Steel
  • Pipe
  • Petroleum Coke
  • Pig Iron


W. B. Johnston Grain Company has taken its 119 years of knowledge in bulk handling of agricultural products and expanded it into a variety of commodities from oilfield products to metals. We pride ourselves on our service and our ability to use new technology to improve and advance our operations. Johnston’s ability to adapt and provide innovative solutions has allowed us to successfully serve our customers since the late 1800’s. This website was built to give you an idea of the services we provide in the bulk handling industry. If you don’t see a product that we currently handle please contact us. We constantly challenge ourselves with new products and opportunities.


Locations with Rail Access:

Enid, OK

Shattuck, OK

Fargo, OK

Renfrow, OK

Muskogee, OK

Locations with Barge Access:

Port 33, OK

Port of Muskogee, OK

Contact Us

For any questions or inquires please contact us!

P.  580-233-5800

E.  melissa@wbjohnstongrain.com